Le Divorce

Character: Isabel Walker

Directed by: James Ivory

Written by: Ruth Prawer Jhavbala

Produced by: Ismail Merchant, Michael Schiffer

Cast Members: Naomi Watts, Glenn Close, Leslie Caron, Stockard Channing

Released date: August 8, 2003

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Duration: 1h 57min

Isabel Walker flies to Paris to visit her pregnant stepsister Roxeanne. However, her arrival coincides with her sister's husband Charles walking out to live with his Russian mistress. Isabel, forced to stay in Paris, falls in love with the city and begins an ultimately unsatisfying adulterous affair with an older man, coldly observed by her employer, who also had an affair with him.


• Everything sounds sexier in French.
• A comedy of manners…both good and bad.

Script developed by Never Enough Design