The Four Feathers

Character: Ethne Eustace

Directed by: Shekhar Kapur

Written by: A.E.W. Mason, Hossein Amini, Michael Schiffer

Produced by: Allon Reich, Julie Goldstein, Laurie Borg, Marty Katz

Cast Members: Heath Ledger, Wes Bentley, Mohamed Bouich, Campbell Brown

Released date: September 20, 2002

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Duration: 2h 12min

Harry Faversham, a young British officer, resigns from the regiment just before the battle. Labelled a coward and disowned by his loved ones, he goes on a mission to gain back his self-respect.


• What would you kill for?
• Freedom. Country. Honor. Passion. To save his best friend, one man must risk everything he loves.

Character’s Quotes

• You don’t know where they were sending you, you said it yourself. You did it for me. No one in their right mind could call you a coward. Especially not your friends. If there’s been some kind of misunderstanding you have to clear it out. You have to go back to the regement and clear it out.
• Yes there is, I should have stood by you Harry. I should have understood. I used to be so sure about everything.
• It has to happen… because… I love you.

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